Higher Order MIMO Technologies for 4G and 5G Networks Image

Higher Order MIMO Technologies for 4G and 5G Networks


Actionable Benefits

  • Understand the implications of different configurations (i.e., power, cost, size) of massive MIMO and set out the optimal deployment strategy.
  • Identify the opportunities to create a competitive advantage by learning how other vendors progress with the massive MIMO products.
  • Plan investment on technologies for future generation of massive MIMO by understanding the benefits and challenges.        

Critical Questions Answered

  • What is the deployment trend for massive MIMO across different regions?
  • How vendors improve the performance of massive MIMO?
  • What are the potential technologies for future massive MIMO development?

Research Highlights

  • Market trend of massive MIMO deployment.
  • Innovative solutions to improve massive MIMO performance.
  • Market forecast of massive MIMO deployment and shipment across different markets.
  • Future technologies for massive MIMO development.    

Who Should Read This?

  • Operators who need to improve the 5G network performance.
  • Decision makers of vendors who provide massive MIMO products.
  • Decision makers of solution providers who focus on products and services for mmWave and 6G.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Market Overview

Technology Overview

Deployment Status

Market Forecast

Future Technology