Small Cells and Carrier Wi-Fi

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The rapid explosion of mobile traffic and the issues with QoS that have come out of this have forced carriers into thinking of new ways of dealing with traffic.  Alongside policy and optimization, effective offload of traffic from the macro network remains a key goal to maintaining a profitable business.

Small cells, carrier grade Wi-Fi, and metrocells are seen as an opportunity for carriers to get “bits in the ground” at the earliest opportunity.  Lots of questions still remain unanswered in this market, chief amongst which are backhaul provisioning, security, features, and AAA.

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Small Cells and Wi-Fi Integration Status
Small Cells and Carrier Wi-Fi
Small Cells and Carrier Wi-Fi
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Small Cell Backhaul Update and Ecosystem
Small Cell Backhaul
Wi-Fi Access Points
Small Cells, Smart Cities, and IoE
Community Wi-Fi and Operator Wi-Fi Strategies
Small Cell and Femtocell Chipsets


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