Mobile Deployments, CAPEX, and Traffic

This Research Service provides a comprehensive set of Market Data that analyze the key performance metrics shaping the regional and global mobile carrier landscape. Each of the Market Data is published quarterly to ensure the client acquires real-time insight into the development of the mobile carrier community.

The “Mobile Deployment” Market Data includes a comprehensive list of all operational wireless networks along with their operating frequency bands and wireless technologies. Also included is a summary of the major network supplier contracts awarded by geography and network. The Market Data includes historical and forecasted population coverage for 3G and 4G wireless technology, by country and by region.

The “Mobile CapEx” Market Data provides a comprehensive assessment of the quarterly CAPEX spending from carriers in both local and normalized US Dollars. This product provides CAPEX values on a quarter-by-quarter basis for 99 different carrier operating companies across all major global regions.

The “Mobile ARPU” Market Data tracks average revenue per user, aggregate service revenue as profit margins for over a 100 mobile operators in 35 regional markets. The ARPU and service revenue analysis is further segmented in voice, messaging and mobile internet related revenue streams.

The “Mobile Traffic” Market Data analyzes the usage related metrics that reflect the behavior of end-users as well as its impact on the mobile carrier’s network infrastructure. It tracks mobile network data traffic as well as messaging and voice usage for carriers in more than 27 markets on a quarterly basis. The mobile data traffic analysis assesses the impact of end-user applications such as video streaming, peer to peer traffic and web browsing.