High-Power RF Active Devices

RF power devices have become ubiquitous in today's wireless world. The mobile infrastructure, military, industrial, broadcast, space communications, instrumentation businesses, and many other industries use RF power devices. RF power devices are used in transmitters and amplifiers of all types and are an essential link in the total communications chain. The telecommunications industry now spans almost the whole world, and RF power devices play an important role in it. These critical components are found in radio transmitters of all kinds, from mobile wireless infrastructure to military radar, MRI machines, HDTV transmitters and countless other applications and platforms. As wireless continues to expand, high-power RF equipment will play a critical role.

The High-Power RF Active Devices service covers the gamut of RF power applications up to 40 GHz and above several watts in power (depending on frequency). Both semiconductor and vacuum electron devices are reviewed (microwave tube coverage extends well up into the millimeter wave region).


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