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    Future Networks examines technology for the cellular and mobile broadband networks, providing a holistic coverage from the edge to the core of the network and across all technology generations. The service provides detailed analysis and market forecasts across the networks supply chain. It assesses the role of every single node of this chain in enabling future generation mobile services. Coverage areas encapsulate all things that will transform the mobile network, including 5G and LTE Advanced Pro Networks, Carrier Unlicensed Spectrum, IOT Networks, Mobile Edge Computing, NFV and SDN, Network Cloudification, and Telco Data Analytics.

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    ABI Insight

    AT&T’s AirGig Trial for Low-Cost Multi-Gigabit Wireless Internet

    3Q 2016

    AT&T plans to mount small radio cells on top of utility poles to deliver high-speed Internet to customers without burying new cable. It’s still an experimental project, but AirGig’s cells will not tap into the power grid or use the power lines to transmit RF energy. AirGig is powered by induction from the power lines and also uses them as a waveguide to transport multi-gigabit traffic in a mesh network. Compatible with 4G and 5G small cells and DAS systems AirGig will deliver high-speed data to homes, businesses, and rural areas.



    Joe Hoffman

    Managing Director and Vice President, Strategic Technology

    Malik Saadi

    Managing Director and Vice President, Strategic Technology

    Jake Saunders

    Managing Director and VP, Asia-Pacific & Advisory Services

    Nick Marshall

    Research Director

    Ahmed Ali

    Senior Analyst

    Lian Jye Su

    Senior Analyst

    Sabir Rafiq

    Research Analyst