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ABI Research’s Video, OTT & VR coverage examines the end-to-end video distribution ecosystem. We cover the rapid transition of video consumption devices, services, business models, and technologies toward multiscreen, IP, on-demand, and unmanaged delivery, as well as the rise of VR platforms in the enterprise and consumer sectors.

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Sensors and Processing in VR: Hand Tracking, Inside-Out/Outside-In, and Haptics

This report discusses the landscape for virtual reality (VR) peripherals, which are segmented into four categories: controllers (handheld), suits, gloves, and others. The tethered VR market largely supported controllers from the beginning, but mobile VR, which comprises the largest volume of HMD units, only recently started to benefit from peripherals. Most notably, Samsung and Google Daydream both added support for one controller. The addition of peripherals also marks the gradual shift from the 3DOF to 6DOF movement and increasing support for inside-out tracking.


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EU OTT Content Portability Rules Get Closer to Implementation

2Q 2017

European Parliament in May 2017 agreed that service providers must allow subscribers of online content to access paid subscription services from anywhere in Europe. The rule will apply only to paid online video services starting in the first quarter of 2018, but it is optional for free-to-air service providers to adopt the content portability rule. Online services mandated by cross border portability include OTT platforms such as Netflix and HBO, or OTT platforms provided by pay-TV operators such as Viaplay, Sky as well as music streaming services and online gaming services. OTT subscribers in Europe will no longer be cut off from their paid subscription while they are travelling in Europe when the rules is applied. However, subscribers’ state of residence will be verified and the presence in other locations should only be a short period of time in order to prevent abuses of the new rule.

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Live Streaming Video & eSports

OTT video continues to garner an increasing share of viewers’ attention and entertainment budgets; live content in particular is fundamentally changing some aspects of the video space like news gathering. In a similar fashion the gaming industry has expanded to a wider breadth of players and participants. In both cases these markets also act as gateways to younger households for operators and content holders who still primarily rely on more traditional sources of revenue. This webinar discusses both these trends within the OTT and gaming markets and the market opportunities it presents to companies throughout the value chain.