Advertising Technologies in Video Services

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Publish Date: 23 Apr 2019
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Advertising Technologies in Video Services

This report evaluates the ad tech market, with an emphasis on video. Following periods of growth and consolidation the increasing value and availability of data, coupled with an evolving landscape of devices and services, is engendering new opportunities for the ad tech space. The transition to IP and rise of mobile video in particular has enabled enhanced tracking/metrics and making data more actionable. Advanced advertising has established a role for both traditional operators, which have added streaming services, and OTT services with next steps pushing towards creating a more cohesive and unified cross-platform approach (mobile, connected TV / CTV, pay TV services, and PC).

New standards (and versions of existing standards) and groups are seeking to further unify the advertising industry, but many believe these initiatives will take time to gain significant traction if at all. More effort is being devoted to cross-platform tracking and ad campaign management – this is particularly valuable as CTV viewing is growing at a faster rate than mobile with some expecting these platforms to reach parity in the coming years. Ad tech and data analytics will continue to serve pivotal roles in assigning attribution, reducing churn, and creating new revenue opportunities.

Looking further out on the horizon new technologies like 5G, XR, and location based information (hyper-local in particular) will start to play a role, although most companies today have yet to assign significant resources to these market opportunities. Privacy issues remain a critical factor for some of these technologies with some companies opting to embrace a wait and see approach. Despite these hurdles slowing some advancement the ad tech market continues to grow and evolve.