VR in China: Platforms and Content

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Publish Date: 31 Jan 2018
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VR in China: Platforms and Content

The Virtual Reality (VR) market in China is growing at a good pace due to low cost hardware and software developments.  Increasing consumer interest of VR for use cases such as entertainment, retail, and marketing are also driving the adoption rate. China's huge e-commerce market, consumer interest in VR  technology, and the governemnt support create a large opportunity for VR companies.

This report presents Virtual Reality platforms and use cases , available VR content, market drivers, and challgenges in Chinese market. VR HMD shipment forecast in China by tethered, mobile and standalone platform is presented in this report. The VR HMD shipment forecast is further broken down into different verticals including consumer, retail & marketing, education, location base services etc. 

Table of Contents

  • VR HMD Market in China
  • VR Platforms: China
  • VR HMDs: China
  • China VR Use Cases
  • VR Content
  • VR Market Drivers
  • VR Market Challenges

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