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NVIDIA Overview

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NVIDIA designs and manufactures Graphic Processing Units (GPUs), working across AI, High-Performance Computing (HPC), creative design, autonomous vehicles, and robotics. It also produces Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for data science and SoCs for mobile computing and the automotive sector. It also provides interactive 3D graphics to the mainstream PC market.

NVIDIA Awards & Publications

NVIDIA was named a Leader in ABI Research's Autonomous Vehicle Platforms competitive ranking, As the de facto supplier of compute platforms for neural network training and refinement, NVIDIA’s future success will be built around exploiting every advantage of a consistent off-board/embedded compute architecture. Delivering on previously announced deals will be key to demonstrating that NVIDIA can reflect its extraordinary success in AV software development/training on the embedded side. NVIDIA can look with some satisfaction as competitors increasingly adopt their design philosophy that emphasizes OEM ownership and customer control.

NVIDIA was recognized as a Top Innovator among Autonomous Vehicle Platforms vendors. NVIDIA scored well for its SAE scalability, as well as for its set of tools and services. The latter is thanks to the company's comprehensive CUDA platform, simulation tools, virtual prototyping, and design environments.

NVIDIA achieved a perfect score for OEM partnerships and robotaxi partnerships, factors that help make NVIDIA a Top Implementer of Autonomous Vehicle Platforms. In addition, NVIDIA also scores very highly in the time to market criterion for the pioneering role it has played in the AI driven transformation of the automotive and transportation space, as well as its 7 years of AV chipset development,

NVIDIA was recognized as a Top Innovator in ABI Research's Intelligent Accelerator Providers competitive ranking. The BlueField-3 is the latest DPU offering from NVIDIA and is a 400 Gigabits per Second (Gbps) compute platform with line-rate processing of SDN, storage, and cybersecurity. The BlueField-3 DPU incorporates 32 Gigabytes (GB) of onboard memory in a Half Height, Half Length (HHHL) or Full Height, Half Length (FHHL) form factor and delivers full software backward compatibility through NVIDIA’s DOCA software framework.

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