ABI Research Coverage of NVIDIA


NVIDIA Overview

NVIDIA designs and manufactures Graphic Processing Units (GPUs), working across AI, High-Performance Computing (HPC), creative design, autonomous vehicles, and robotics. It also produces Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for data science and SoCs for mobile computing and the automotive sector. It also provides interactive 3D graphics to the mainstream PC market.

ABI Research Competitive Rankings of NVIDIA

Coverage of NVIDIA by Technology Area

NVIDIA in Distributed & Edge Computing

NVIDIA in Consumer Technologies

NVIDIA in Metaverse Markets & Technologies

NVIDIA in Augmented & Virtual Reality

NVIDIA in AI & Machine Learning

NVIDIA in Smart Urban Infrastructure

NVIDIA in IoT Cybersecurity

NVIDIA in Trusted Device Solutions

NVIDIA in IoT Networks & Services

NVIDIA in Industrial, Collaborative & Commercial Robotics

NVIDIA in Smart Mobility & Automotive

NVIDIA in 5G Core & Edge Networks

NVIDIA in 5G & Mobile Network Infrastructure