Digital Advertising, Streaming Video, and Gaming Update Image

Digital Advertising, Streaming Video, and Gaming Update


Actionable Benefits

  • Evaluate market transition to cloud and its impact on hardware and services. 
  • Size the market opportunity for key media and entertainment markets and digital advertising.
  • Identify key players and types of digital services for bundling or value-added packaging.
  • Examine shifts in business models (SVOD, TVOD, AVOD) and distribution channels

Critical Questions Answered

  • What is the overall size of the online video market today and 5 years out?
  • Who are the key players and services in the online video and gaming markets?
  • How many streaming video SVOD subscriptions are there?

Research Highlights

  • This research provides additional qualitative analysis to the most recent Next Generation Content and Services report (MD-NGCS-101)
  • Market sizing (revenue, SVOD subscriptions), market shares (subscriptions), and forecast for online video – segmented by business model: SVOD, TVOD, EST, AVOD.
  • Market sizing (revenue and users), market shares (revenue), and forecast for video game software and services.
  • Market sizing (revenue) and forecast for cloud gaming

Who Should Read This?

  • Mobile network and pay TV operators looking to bundle services to reduce churn, differentiate services, add additional value, and reinforce new technologies or premium tiers of service.
  • Companies supporting cloud infrastructure, video workflows, and hardware manufacturers/suppliers into the media & entertainment market.
  • Cloud and fixed/mobile/edge network companies evaluating the evolving digital content and services landscape to assess market needs and demands.

Table of Contents

Sizing Market Opportunity

Online Video and SVOD

Explosive Growth from SVOD Subscriptions
Leaders Still Dominate, But the Market Is Diversifying
SVOD + Ads + New Opportunities
Accelerated Trends
Ride the Wave, But Look for New Opportunities

Digital and Cloud Gaming

Gaming Receives a Boost
Cross-Platform Gaming 
New Consoles & Subscriptions Services + Social
Accelerated Trends
Ride the Wave, But Look for New Opportunities