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The Video and Cloud Services research service covers the rapid transition of video consumption devices, services, business models, and technologies in the end-to-end video ecosystem. It focuses on the movement towards multiscreen, IP, on-demand, and unmanaged con­tent delivery in an increasingly modular, cloud-based marketplace. It examines the impact of transformative technologies like AI, computer vision, edge compute, and 5G on the video ecosystem and resulting opportunities and considerations. Primary topics include the pay tv ecosystem, set top boxes, OTT, content protection (DRM, CAS, watermarking), CPE, streaming services, and advertising. Special focus is dedicated to the intersection of these mature video segments and newer transformative technologies, how business models are adapting, and what accelerators and barriers will be most prevalent over the next 5 years and beyond.

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Video Analytics in the Video Surveillance Market

The growth and expansion of the surveillance market illustrates the value and importance of video and the information it contains; to this end, it also serves as a target for new technologies and innovations. Security, threat assessment, and monitoring remain integral applications for video surveillance but the use of computer vision engenders new vectors for operators to use the data collected by their surveillance systems. This report analyzes this market potential and the applications enabled by computer vision (more commonly referred to as video analytics in the surveillance space).

Video analytics is used in applications from license plate reading to facial recognition and the latter in particular makes balancing privacy and the intended use case an ongoing balancing act. Surveillance of people (the other main categories being objects and vehicles/automotive) potentially represents the most invasive (reference to privacy) not only because it can be used to identify individuals (along with their actions captured in the video) but the information can also be integrated with a myriad of other pieces of digital data left behind via communications, social media, online commerce, etc.


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Executive Foresights

Mobile-First Strategy for Video Streaming Services in Emerging Markets

1Q 2019

Netflix is counting on improved accessibility to streaming content increasing market shares in areas with limited adoption currently. High mobile device penetration and increasing mobile network coverage mean that offering mobile-only subscriptions is a sensible strategy, but content and technology choices will be important factors to consider.


NextVR and the NBA

4Q 2017

NextVR is building a new broadcasting network, working to build an audience for live VR experiences. The company today operates as a combined production company and network – with live talent, operating two event trucks which travel from venue to venue, and proprietary end-to-end infrastructure, including a camera, encoders and client frameworks. NextVR is focused on sports and music genres today.

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Live Streaming Video & eSports

OTT video continues to garner an increasing share of viewers’ attention and entertainment budgets; live content in particular is fundamentally changing some aspects of the video space like news gathering. In a similar fashion the gaming industry has expanded to a wider breadth of players and participants. In both cases these markets also act as gateways to younger households for operators and content holders who still primarily rely on more traditional sources of revenue. This webinar discusses both these trends within the OTT and gaming markets and the market opportunities it presents to companies throughout the value chain.