Mobile, Multiscreen, and Cloud Video Delivery

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Video distribution is rapidly shifting from legacy broadcast mechanisms to IP distribution over both managed and unmanaged networks. Consumption on smartphones, tablets and IP connected devices (including set-top boxes, game consoles, Smart TVs and Blu-ray players and smart set-top boxes) add complexity in terms of codecs, packaging and segmentation formats to the distribution ecosystem.  Increases in time-shifted and on-the-go consumption also create unique challenges. 

Cloud video services providers, including content delivery networks (CDNs), online video platforms (OVPs), managed video platforms and video content management systems (VCMS) all have a unique role in the management and distribution of video services with the move to multiscreen video and video delivery over unmanaged networks. Hardware and software vendor’s producing video encoders and transcoders, adaptive bitrate video technologies, video packaging, and segmentation technologies and video content delivery networks are also rapidly changing architectures to solve business challenges in next generation video services.

Analysis & Data

Video Delivery Hardware and Platforms
CES 2014 TV and Entertainment Wrap-up
Video Hardware: Encoders, VOD Servers, and CDN
Video Set-Top Box Transition to Gateway and Thin Client
UltraHD TV, 4K STB and HEVC STB Adoption
Service Provider CDN, Managed CDN, and In-House CDN
Cable Show Wrap Up
Future TV Experience and Delivery
VOD Back Office
Community Wi-Fi and Operator Wi-Fi Strategies
Encoding Markets – Sports / Broadcast-live / File-based


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