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    Video, OTT, AR & VR covers the rapid transition of video consumption devices, services, business models, and technologies toward multiscreen, IP, on-demand, and unmanaged delivery, as well as the rise of augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) platforms in the enterprise and consumer sectors. Technology research includes service-provider and retail devices, technology transitions, network and software technologies, content protection, and operator business models. AR and VR addresses the rapid rise of new head-mounted display categories including tethered, mobile-reliant headsets, and standalone smart glasses, analysis of use cases driving adoption, assessments of technology platforms, and content expectations.


    ABI Insight

    When It’s No Longer Just a Game

    3Q 2016

    “Clash of Clans” developer Supercell changed partners when Tencent agreed to acquire all of SoftBank’s holdings in the company. Supercell, which is (and will continue to be) based in Finland, will remain an independently operated entity and its employees will retain their ownership in the company. Tencent and Supercell have both become powerhouses within the gaming industry, and this new partnership will create new opportunities for Supercell in the world’s largest gaming base, China. The partnership, and other M&A activity, such as Vivendi’s Gameloft takeover, however, speak to more than gaming alone, pointing to a coming groundswell of change to the greater entertainment market.



    Sam Rosen

    Managing Director and VP, Video, OTT and AR/VR

    Michael Inouye

    Principal Analyst

    Eric Abbruzzese

    Senior Analyst

    Khin Sandi Lynn

    Industry Analyst

    Shelli Bernard

    Research Analyst