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Mobile Packet Core VNFs and PNFs Market Data

4Q 2016 | MD-SDNFV-102 | Updated Semiannually

This Market Data report forecasts the overall mobile packet core spending for 3G and 4G networks and the virtualization uptake measured by the spending on virtual network functions (VNFs) versus the spending on physical network function (PNFs). The report builds on the previously published Mobile Gateways market data (MD-MPCO-164), with added forecast tables for the virtualization market.

The current version of this market data includes the following:

  • The number of yearly global and regional 3G and 4G deployments.
  • The corresponding spending on 3G and 4G core network elements for global and regional markets.
  • The core network virtualization spending forecast for ...

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Telco Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning

3Q 2016 | MD-BDAM-101 | Updated Semiannually

ABI Research has been tracking the telecom market since its inception, both in research services and through individual application report analysis. It is this basis, in addition to data gathered from primary research, secondary research, and consulting engagements that guides the segmentation analysis in the forecasts. Data were generated through tracking of companies and trends in different and compared with publicly available industry data.  This analysis is top-down with bottom up data points referenced for triangulation.

Regional segmentation is algorithmically derived based on a number of ABI Research databases that considers subscribers, telecom technology (e.g. 2G, 3G, 4G ...

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Mobile Network Optimization

2Q 2016 | MD-NGOD-159 | Updated Semiannually

The mobile network optimization, DPI, and policy market data provides forecasts around DPI for mobile, video, and web optimization, and policy servers (PCRF) for mobile. The overall area of optimization and monitoring is an important component of mobile network traffic and congestion management, with the next generation of these tools providing service monetization and customer personalization. The forecast covers optimization and monitoring solutions used in live networks. In this latest addition, the impact of encryption on optimization is also assessed. The forecasts are broken down by region and technology. The market data is updated on a semiannual basis.

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Mobile Gateways

2Q 2016 | MD-MPCO-164

The Mobile Gateways market data contains updates for the packet core network market. The scope of this market data is SGSN and GGSN for 2G and 3G markets, and the LTE EPC consisting of MME, PGW, and SGW for 4G markets. Market data modeling evolves along the ABI Research view on mobile broadband traffic. The current version of this market data is an update for 2H 2015, and includes the following changes:

  • The Packet Core forecast is by the technology generation, that is no distinction according to RAN technology TD-LTE, FD-LTE, or LTE-A.
  • Inputs have been updated with vendor financial ...

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1Q 2016 | MD-IMS-158 | Updated Annually

This database provides a forecast for IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS) for 2013 to 2021. Data are regional segmentation of annual revenues, cumulative subscribers, and deployments. Insight into the relative mix of mobile, fixed, and converged systems is also forecast. The database also provides a forecast on regional VoLTE subscriptions as well as a section on regional IMS / VOLTE / VOIP / WEBRTC / RCS contract announcements. Companies that will find value here include telecom operators, IMS vendors, and developers of IMS Add-Ons.

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Android Messages Revitalizes RCS Development

1Q 2017 | IN-4469

Disruptive innovation championed by over-the-top (OTT) service providers shook the traditional revenue model of mobile operators, and the struggle is well-documented. According to ABI Research’s mobile carrier revenue and profit market data, operators’ messaging service revenue is expected to continue its downward trend, decreasing at an annual rate of 7.8% until 2021. ABI Research looks at Google’s latest effort to promote rich communication services (RCS) as a strategy for mobile network operators to defend their messaging revenue.

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