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Red Hat, a subsidiary of IBM since 2018, is an open source software company. It delivers IT services that integrate with any infrastructure system and its offerings include cloud-native application development, automation solutions, middleware, and management products. Red Hat also maintains free software projects on its website. It was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Red Hat was named a Leader in ABI Research's 5G Telco Cloud-Native Platforms competitive rankings due to its ability to offer a solution packing scalability and flexibility for CSPs, as well as having an open and diverse ecosystem of partners that allows CSPs to build “best-of-breed” systems. Furthermore, Red Hat is increasingly innovating its telco-grade capabilities and have proven to be able to support the millimeter-type latencies required at the telco edge. V

Red Hat was named the top implementer in the 5G Telco Cloud-Native Platforms competitive ranking, offering both Red Hat OpenStack and Red Hat OpenShift for CSPs, with Red Hat OpenStack revolving around VM deployments, and Red Hat OpenShift revolving around container deployment and management, with VMs deployment on Red Hat OpenShift being possible with Red Hat OpenShift virtualization based on KubeVirt.

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