Webinar: Are Mobile Service Providers Doomed to Marginalization?

This webinar will cover mobile service provider announcements at MWC and will assess how their latest activities indicate future growth. Mobile service providers aim to address enterprise verticals, including manufacturing, transport and utilities, but have done little to truly address opportunities in these areas and build internal expertise before 5G is mainstream. The webinar will focus on these activities – or lack thereof – and will outline how the mobile market will change as several adjacent industries are digitized.

    This webinar will address the following questions:
  • What were the most important mobile service provider announcements at MWC?
  • Which mobile service providers are standing out?
  • Do MWC announcements indicate mobile service providers are trying hard to grow past their connectivity legacy?
  • Which verticals are mobile service providers focusing on?
  • Should mobile service providers wait for 5G, or act now?


Research Information

Publish Date
1Q 2018
Research Type
Technology Analysis Report