Moving Network Functions from Telco Cloud to Public Cloud

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Publish Date: 16 Aug 2022
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Moving Network Functions from Telco Cloud to Public Cloud
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Actionable Benefits

Actionable Benefits

  • Understand commercial and technical challenges that are associated with cloud platforms.
  • Identify key motivations, opportunities, and challenges that are associated with Communications Service Providers’ (CSPs) digital transformation.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how the telecoms value chain is evolving.
  • Understand commercial implications and technical software/infrastructure imperatives that come from a horizontally stratified telco ecosystem.
Critical Questions Answered

Critical Questions Answered

  • What are the key value propositions of the public cloud?
  • What are the key value propositions of the telco cloud?
  • What are some fundamental commercial and architectural differences between the public and telco cloud?
  • How does the public cloud fare against the telco cloud for network function and core network hosting?
  • What challenges does the industry face with public cloud adoption?
Research Highlights

Research Highlights

  • Insights on critical telco requirements that public cloud providers must consider as public cloud proliferate in the ecosystem.
  • Overview of the competitive landscape that will result from software, cloud platforms, and a “well-served” telco market.
  • Overview of operational, performance, data sovereignty, supplier lock-in, and cost considerations for the public cloud vis-à-vis the telco cloud.
  • Analysis of vendor and CSP ecosystems, size of the market, and select public and telco cloud technology suppliers.
Who Should Read This?

Who Should Read This?

  • Solution architects, technologists, and key technical decision makers for (re)designing and architecting Network Functions (NFs) for cloud platforms.
  • Application developers who need to understand software development in the public cloud versus the telco cloud.
  • Key business decision makers and strategists who need to understand how the telecoms value chain is evolving and the role they are expected to play in it.

Table of Contents

Digital Transformation and Market Trends

Three Dimensions of Digital Transformation
Commercial Priorities
Evolution of Cellular Networks
Growing Network Complexity
Infrastructure Priorities

Evolution of the Telecoms Value Chain

Telecoms Value Chain Evolution
Evolution of a Horizontally Stratified Telco Ecosystem
Commercial Implications
Interdependent versus Horizontal Cloud Platforms
Coarse-Grained vs. Fine-Grained Software Architecture

Evolution of the Telco Cloud

Evolution of Telco Cloud
Telco Cloud Deployment Strategies
Evolution from Telco Cloud to a Hybrid Telco+Public Cloud

Public Cloud in the Telecoms Industry

Drivers for the Public Cloud in the Telecoms Industry
Lessons Learned from Public Cloud Players
Telco Public Cloud Adoption in the Telecoms Industry
Public Cloud Benefits

NFs in Telco Cloud versus Public Cloud

Telco Cloud versus Public Cloud Features
Operational Considerations
Performance Considerations
Data Sovereignty Considerations
Supplier Lock-in and Cost Considerations
Cloud Platform Infrastructure Imperatives
Telco Cloud versus Public Cloud Automation
Public versus Telco Cloud Comparison Factors


Recommendations for CSPs
Recommendations for Technology Suppliers

Vendor and CSP Ecosystem

Size of the Telco Cloud market
Select Case Studies
Vendor Landscape
Select Vendor Profiles