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Faced with rising operating costs, declining ARPU, and a need to invest in next-generation networks, operators are looking for optimization solutions to make their networks more efficient. The data tsunami coming from peer-to-peer sources and mobile video alongside the notion that 20% of subscribers account for 80% of traffic means that carriers need a better understanding of traffic and subscriber behavior. The role policy, analytics, and management functions and their interaction with pricing strategies are a key driver of network profitability. 

In addition to the major network equipment vendors and the traditional optimization tool vendors, there are many start-up companies offering new technologies for optimization of mobile broadband data. There are also managed services providers who offer optimization as part of their service solutions.

Finally, the roles of SDN, NFV, and virtualization on the evolution of the mobile telecom ecosystem are addressed.

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Optimization and the Radio Access Network
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Next Generation Optimization, DPI, and Policy


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