M2M and IoT Modules and Devices

Connectivity, devices and communication technologies are fundamental to M2M/IoT solution enablement – they provide the basic “plumbing” for connected assets. Adding to their importance is the fact that nearly all vertical markets are dependent on innovation in device and communication technologies to lower long-run enablement costs, to enhance services, and to offer new services.

This portion of the value chain is both daunting and complex for suppliers and end-users. Besides continuous hardware pricing pressure, device and module vendors need to rationalize portfolios for connectivity options, vertical market segments served, and services. For instance, cellular hardware is being challenged by new low-power wireless WAN technologies operating on an unlicensed spectrum. This in turn is driving development of new LTE standards designed for M2M/IoT communications. Mobile operators and telcos add complexity as they rationalize their network assets to serve their core consumer segments as well as the business and industrial markets.

This service assesses the most salient device, module, connectivity technology, standards and vertical market trends shaping the M2M/IoT market. Coverage is provided across all connection technologies including cellular, satellite, and fixed line. Hardware assessments are provided for connectivity modules including gateways, routers, and integrated products. Market quantification is provided for M2M device and module shipments and revenues and for cellular M2M connections.


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