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The M2M market, traditionally defined by modules and vertical-centric applications, is experiencing an evolution. The new M2M market is expanding to include horizontal, cloud-based platforms that are easing application development, connectivity, and M2M service and module management. Both challenging and contributing to this new landscape are standard organization activities, mandates, and supplier consortiums.

The result is more M2M services opportunities as M2M expands to more industry verticals supported by new M2M applications. It also means new opportunities for industry players, particularly operators who are seeking to expand their influence beyond connectivity services. But many questions remain unanswered as the market evolves. What industry verticals will most benefit from a more “open” M2M ecosystem? What are the winning business models and supply chain partnerships? How will value chain evolution change the revenue dynamics for modules, services, and software? These and other questions are front and center as the M2M market enters its next phase of growth and the possibility of the “Internet of Things.”

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