James Hodgson

Research Focus

James Hodgson, Principal Analyst at ABI Research, conducts research relating to the field of autonomous driving and smart mobility, with a focus primarily on quantitative forecasting and analysis in the areas of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous driving, and connected infotainment. James also writes reports on the transformative effect of automotive technologies on personal mobility and ecosystem dynamics.


James graduated from Cardiff University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, where he specialized in the areas of econometric analysis and statistical forecasting.

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James Hodgson

James Hodgson

Principal Analyst


Wellingborough, U.K.

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Topics Covered

Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Mobility, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Connected Infotainment, Connected Cars, Ridesharing

Contributes To

IoT Networks & Services

Location Technologies

Smart Cities & Smart Spaces

Smart Mobility & Automotive

Supply Chain Management & Logistics