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Video Surveillance in IoT

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Included Research

IoT and Video Surveillance: Revenue Model Evolution
Research Report | 3Q 2023 | AN-5820
Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Market Trends Driving New Service Models

Growing Demand for Video Data Storage
Growing Interest in Services That Do Not Require Additional Hardware Purchases
Expanded Use Cases for Video Analytics
Service Expansion into Underserved Markets

Traditional and New Video Surveillance Service Options

Data Storage Services
Video Analytics Service Options
System Installation and Integration

Market Forecast

Worldwide Video Surveillance Service Revenue
Worldwide Video Surveillance Revenue by Service Type

Vendor Analysis and Profiles

Cloud and On-Premises Vendor Comparison
Vendor Profiles

Recommendations and Conclusion

Critical Questions Answered
  • How has service revenue in the video surveillance industry been affected by the growing interest in VSaaS solutions?
  • What obstacles must VSaaS companies confront as they seek to grow their customer base?
  • Why would Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) invest in cloud video surveillance solutions?
Research Highlights
  • A qualitative analysis of trends that are driving cloud adoption in the video surveillance market.
  • A quantitative analysis of cloud data and analytics services revenue in the video surveillance market.
  • A detailed breakdown of on-premises and cloud service options available to current video surveillance users.
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Introduction to Market Trends and Challenges

Video Surveillance Market Trends, Inhibitors, and Drivers

Full Adoption of Edge-Based AI
Video Analytics for Business Applications

Forecast Data and Analysis

Worldwide Video Surveillance Camera Installed Base
Worldwide Video Surveillance Camera Installed Base by Connectivity Technology
Regional Installed Base of Video Surveillance Cameras

Vendor Profiles

Axis Communications
Teledyne FLIR
Milestone Systems
Critical Questions Answered
  • How can video analytics improve business operations?
  • What is the significance of smart cameras in the video surveillance market, and what market trends could inhibit their use?
  • How will privacy concerns affect video surveillance vendors and users?
Research Highlights
  • A qualitative analysis of video analytics applications for security and business operations.
  • A quantitative analysis of worldwide video surveillance camera installed base.
  • A breakdown of worldwide video surveillance camera installed base by connectivity technology.
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French Data Authority Issues AI Game Plan, with Special Mention of Video Surveillance after Olympics Controversy
Insight | 2Q 2023 | IN-6991
France’s data protection agency, the CNIL, released an Artificial Intelligence (AI) action plan designed to regulate and audit AI systems last month. The plan singles out AI-equipped video surveillance cameras, recommitting to auditing their use. The plan's release comes a few months after the French government passed a bill legalizing the use of AI video surveillance cameras ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics, inflaming an already fraught debate in the country about privacy and individual freedom.
Trail Camera Bans Move Across the United States, Proving Video Surveillance Vendors Are Not Out of The Woods
Insight | 2Q 2023 | IN-6956
Trail cameras are increasingly used by hunters in the United States to remotely detect wildlife movement. Several states have moved to ban the technology’s use to encourage fair hunting practices and to protect the privacy of public lands. While a niche controversy, the trail camera bans have implications for the wider video surveillance market as it grapples with data privacy concerns and increased regulation.
American Schools Look to Weapons Detection Technology as Mass Shootings Reach a Decade-Long High
Insight | 2Q 2023 | IN-6928
American schools are adopting weapons detection technology as school shootings reach a historic high. In a desperate bid to protect students and teachers, school districts are relying on video analytics software to quickly detect shooters and alert authorities, even as critics express doubts over the technology’s effectiveness.
Retailers Turn to Advanced Surveillance Solutions as Shoplifting “Crisis” Continues to Plague the Industry
Insight | 1Q 2023 | IN-6898
As shoplifting incidents increase in the UK and the US, more retailers and grocers are investing in advanced surveillance technologies, like facial recognition and point-of-sale (POS) video analytics, to defend their stores. Video surveillance vendors have an opportunity to meet retailers’ growing concerns with tailored loss-prevention solutions.
COVID-19 Fallout Spurs Body Camera Use in Non-Traditional Markets, Introducing New Opportunities and Privacy Concerns
Insight | 1Q 2023 | IN-6815
Once known as tools reserved for law enforcement, Body-Worn Cameras (BWCs) have become accessories for both healthcare organizations and commercial businesses. Due to improved connectivity technology, these devices have become useful for different industries to limit corporate liability and extend company surveillance.