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SAP is a German company that develops enterprise software for business management. Its offerings help businesses with operational logistics, such as customer relations, data processing, resource planning, cloud services, and information flow. The company’s name is an acronym for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing, and it was founded in 1972 in Germany and now offers services worldwide.

SAP Awards & Publications

SAP is an Overall Leader in the Supply Chain Control Towers market. SAP’s established global position and extensive customer and partner network creates a solid foundation for the data aggregation and supply chain connections necessary to support control tower functionalities. SAP’s solution stands out for its advanced risk assessment capabilities, indepth scenario analysis, and configurable planning and collaboration tools.

SAP was recognized as a Top Innovator in ABI Research's Supply Chain Control Towers competitive ranking. SAP excels due to the control tower’s advanced risk-assessment capabilities, in-depth scenario analysis, and configurable planning and collaboration tools.

SAP is a Top Implementer among Supply Chain Control Towers vendors due to its leading global position in enterprise planning and supply chain applications, and modular adoption process. SAP provides an open and extensible platform, offering applications and integrations to suit individual user needs.

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