Transformational Technology Summit: IoT Data-Enabled Services Image

Transformational Technology Summit: IoT Data-Enabled Services

Actionable Benefits

  • Overview of the IoT Data Enabled Value chain with detailed breakdown of functionality and capabilities.
  • Analyze the strategy, position, differentiation, and competitive outlook of the leading data management and data analytics vendors for the IoT.
  • Identify the opportunities and challenges of the AI &ML market for the IoT and leverage the penetration strategies for the sales/strategy teams
  • Identify current and future trends in IoT data management, advance analytics and IoT marketplaces, with revenue forecasts from 2018 until 2026 for IoT data-enabled value chain.       

Critical Questions Answered

  • How and where various vendors are positioned within the IoT data enabled value chain?
  • What are the disruptive and future trends in machine learning deployment for the edge, fog, and cloud for the IoT?
  • What are the development and competitive dynamic between top cloud vendors (AWS, Azure, IBM) in the IoT marketplaces domain?           

Research Highlights

  • A detailed breakdown of IoT analytics value chain components.
  • Detailed technical and commercial overview of IoT streaming and data management technologies and comparison of overall IoT-data enabled capabilities.
  • Competitive assessment of the AWS and Azure positioning for the IoT data enabled market.

Who Should Watch This?

  • IoT Big Data vendors and software developers for IoT analytics, who needs to understand the market dynamics and identify differentiation point among competitors.
  • Industrial players, who intend/ongoing the IoT digital transformation, to understand data management offerings, strengths and avoid vendors lock-in.
  • S-Suite and strategic advisors within the data-enabled industry who are responsible for strategy formation, business development and innovative solutions planning.