Satellite in IoT: New Satellite Networks for New Wave of IoT Investment

Price: Starting at USD 4,500
Publish Date: 16 May 2019
Code: AN-5211
Research Type: Research Analysis
Satellite in IoT:  New Satellite Networks for New Wave of IoT Investment
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New satellite constellations are being launched in the hope of improving the connectivity options of the IoT market. Many application segments will benefit from these new constellations due to the larger range of coverage they offer compared to terrestrial networks such as aviation tracking, earth monitoring, and fleet management.

Different application segments and solutions require different types of connectivity. Some IoT applications will require real-time connectivity to have a constant flow of data and information, yet some will only require near real-time. Speed is a key difference between satellite and terrestrial networks. Terrestrial is able to offer real-time connections which will enable end users to have a constant up-to-date flow of data from their solutions.

In this report, ABI Research provides insight to the key application segments that show promising opportunities for growth with the use of satellite to connect IoT solutions. It discusses relevant established market players and those entering the market such as Iridium, Inmarsat, Hiber, Kepler, Leaf Space, and Astrocast.


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