Device Management Services for the Edge-Centric IoT

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Publish Date: 04 Apr 2018
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Device Management Services for the Edge-Centric IoT
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As IoT solutions continue to grow and mature from successful, simple pilots to wide-scale deployments, the need for robust device management services is being highlighted. Those end users that deployed IoT solutions with substantial device management capabilities in place have been able to fix bugs, issue software updates, and repair and replace any devices that failed or functioned incorrectly. Those end users that did not have device management services in place have hit a brick wall, as they have been unable to easily update and monitor their deployed devices. By ignoring device management, they immediately decreased the long-term value of their IoT solutions and increased the costs and resources needed to deal with a situation they could have easily addressed and avoided in the first place.

Device management is not sexy, but it is a necessary component of any significant IoT solution moving forward. It sounds simple when compared to more complex tasks such as collecting data or analyzing data at the edge, but it is essential to a long-term successful IoT solution. Devices fail. Their firmware and software need to be updated occasionally. Even when everything is working right, these devices need to be monitored and managed to ensure that they keep working right to prevent system downtime. With potentially hundreds or thousands of devices in a solution, it is not feasible to fix and update devices after they are deployed. Device manufacturers and other IoT providers need to address these issues well before devices are actually deployed.

This application analysis provides a detailed look into the market evolution of device management services in IoT by examining the components of these solutions, the drivers for their growth, market data and forecasts, and leading players and solutions within the market today.