Phil Sealy

Research Focus

Phil Sealy, Research Director at ABI Research, conducts research focusing primarily on smart card and embedded digital security technologies and applications. He reports on new and emerging sectors, products groups, and technologies across the payments, government, Subscriber Identity Module (SIM), ticketing, and Internet of Things (IoT) end markets.

Regarding digital security, Phil focuses on end-to-end security research from the silicon to cyber-based applications. He analyzes technology trends, as well as industry-specific implementations.

Phil currently works closely with leading Near Field Communications (NFC) vendors, such as NXP, in order to gain a better perspective and understanding of the markets they serve and assist with their overall decision making.

Past Experience

Prior to joining ABI Research, Phil was both Design and Projects Supervisor for Ultima Displays in the United Kingdom, where he balanced a wide range of activities, from Research and Development (R&D) through project management to design.


Phil is a graduate of Northampton University with an honors BSc degree in product design.

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