IAM 2.0 – Identity and Asset Management in the IoT

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Publish Date: 05 Jan 2018
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Pages: 16
IAM 2.0 – Identity and Asset Management in the IoT
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Defining and managing device identity in the constantly evolving IoT ecosystem has become one of the top priorities for IoT vendors. Traditional Identity and Access Management (IAM) principles are not equipped to deal with this challenge which calls for a massive overhaul and a plethora of novel architecture, connectivity and security considerations to be taken into account.

ABI Research has investigated these multifaceted challenges and proposes an ‘IAM 2.0’ model which outlines all aforementioned considerations in the form of an IoT ID guide for prospective implementers. The report provides in-depth analyses and considerations which greatly expand upon traditional IAM and deal with the influx of users’ digital identities, cloud services, platforms and devices from a wide spectrum of communication protocols, data governance issues, public key infrastructure, IP migration, security specifications and managing of digital certificates, among others. This report also features a blueprint for defining the future of IoT Identity by going past traditional ID definitions and proposing a future-looking, holistic approach encompassing everything from APIs, MFA, middleware and cloud platforms to behavioral analytics, cryptography, machine learning, and automation.

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