Data Management: IoT Stream Processing and Streaming Analytics Competitive Ranking Image

Data Management: IoT Stream Processing and Streaming Analytics Competitive Ranking


Actionable Benefits

  • Compare the products and services, and IoT data processing and streaming analytics offered by IoT vendors (Hazelcast, ScaleOut Software, Guavus SQL Streams, StreamSet, StreamAnalytix, KX Technology, Striim).
  • Evaluate how sophisticated vendors’ ingestion and analytics offerings are.
  • Comparative analysis of which vendors have the scale and partner network to support enterprises globally.
  • Identify current and future trends in IoT data management for the IoT, with revenue forecasts from 2018 until 2026 for integration, stream processing and streaming analytics markets.

Critical Questions Answered

  • Which vendor came out on top using ABI Research’s proven, unbiased innovation/implementation criteria framework?
  • Which vendor is offering IoT Enterprises the most innovation solution(s) when it comes to data management solutions?
  • Which vendor is the most advanced when it comes to an implementation strategy for their solution(s)?

Research Highlights

  • Identify which vendors are considered Leaders, Mainstream providers or Followers.
  • Understand whether leading vendors stand out for their innovative solution, implementation strategy or both.
  • In-depth technical and commercial profiling of IoT streaming and data management vendors and comparison of overall IoT-data enabled capabilities.

Who Should Read This?

  • Invitational investors looking for technical and commercial information on IoT vendors for further M&A strategic planning.
  • Product Managers at analytics providers looking to benchmark their solution(s) or examine competitors.
  • IoT Big Data vendors and software developers for IoT analytics, who needs to understand the market dynamics and identify differentiation point among competitors.
  • Industrial players, who intend/ongoing the IoT digital transformation, to understand data management offerings, strengths and avoid vendors lock-in.

Table of Contents

Overall Competitive Rankings

Criteria and Methodology

Vendor Matrix

Innovation Criteria

Implementation Criteria

Who Is in the Scope?

Innovtion Ranking

Implementation Ranking

Individual Company Assessments

Guavus Sqlstream
Scaleout Software