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SI/VAR and Partner Program IoT Ecosystem Market Data


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Actionable Benefits

  • Leverage tracker data to identify partners to fill gaps or enhance internal enterprise IoT solution development based on market focus, and value chain services.
  • Allows strategy and product teams to identify all competing suppliers within a value chain segment, industry vertical and region.
  • VC and internal strategy teams can use tracker data to create a supplier list for acquisition or investment – additionally segment list by partnership affiliation and IoT maturity level.

Critical Questions Answered

  • How is the IoT partnership ecosystem evolving?
  • What is the maturity level of the IoT offerings in the market?
  • What sector is the most lucrative?
  • How are value-chain and IoT ecosystems evolving?

Research Highlights

  • A detailed breakdown of partner programs across IoT value chain.
  • A detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis of more than 600+ enterprises and their affiliations.
  • 13 dashboards of corresponding value chain indicators.
  • Analysis of 36 verticals with IoT technology maturity level summary.
  • 4 summary tables and charts.

Who Should Read This?

  • Vendors and software developers within IoT domain, who need data to identify potential partners to enhance their market positioning and competitive advantage.
  • Industrial players, who intend/ongoing the IoT digital transformation, to understand – vendors offerings, strengths and products maturity level.
  • S-Suit and strategic advisors from the IoT technology domain and wider IoT ecosystem, who are responsible for strategy formation, business development and innovative solutions planning.

Table of Contents

  1. SIVAR and Partner Program Companies - Maturity Ranking
  2. SIVAR and Partner Program Companies - Number of Partner Program Affiliations
  3. SIVAR and Partner Program Companies - Breakdown of 47 Acquisitions, Rebrands, and Closures