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ABI Research’s M2M, IoT & IoE analysis provides a 360-degree view of the IoT value chain across devices, connectivity, and services. Our research uncovers emerging trends and predictions for market growth across big data/analytics in IoT platforms as cloud and analytics services relate to IoT data ingestion and streaming, storage, integration, and visualization. We explore go-to-market strategies and leading business models expected to transform IoT product and service consumptions, as well as internal organizational structures and partner relationships.

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SI/VAR and Partner Program IoT Ecosystem

For decades, larger technology companies utilized partner programs in order to deliver goods and services more cost-effectively by leveraging their networks of partner program members. Some of these deployments are fairly easy to implement and just require the service of one partner program participant. When it comes to implementing Internet of Things (IoT) projects, the value chain is fragmented and requires the coordination of several companies working together to implement an end-to-end solution that successfully integrates device components, connectivity, and value-added services.


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FTC Releases Set of Guidelines for IoT Device Manufacturers

3Q 2017

In June 2017, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released an updated set of guidelines for how and when device manufacturers should inform consumers about the level of security in their connected products. The FTC’s overarching mission is to promote consumer protection. As billions of these devices continue to be used by not only consumers, but also enterprises, the FTC’s comments serve to improve security in Internet of Things (IoT) devices while still allowing end-users to realize the enormous benefits of their Internet-connected devices. The recently issued suggestions are not going to be immediately enforced by the FTC but are rather an attempt to ensure that future regulations accurately reflect end-users’ actual experiences and apprehensions with IoT devices.

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5G Acceleration – Reality and Opportunities for Non-Consumer Markets

In this webinar, we’ll provide our view on the evolution of 5G. Will the many impacted industries work together to operationalize the networks? What will this mean for the ecosystem? We’ll look at applications and use cases for vertical market adjacencies.

Key topics include:

  • Assessment of 5G capabilities related to bandwidth, latency and D2D in terms of vertical applications and use cases
  • Evolutionary nature of cellular technologies and mobile ecosystem support for vertical lifecycle management