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ABI Research’s M2M, IoT & IoE analysis provides a 360-degree view of the IoT value chain across devices, connectivity, and services. Our research uncovers emerging trends and predictions for market growth across big data/analytics in IoT platforms as cloud and analytics services relate to IoT data ingestion and streaming, storage, integration, and visualization. We explore go-to-market strategies and leading business models expected to transform IoT product and service consumptions, as well as internal organizational structures and partner relationships.

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The Role of System Integrators in M2M and IoT

IoT has caused many providers across all segments of the IoT value chain to shift and adapt their strategies. System integrators (SIs) are uniquely positioned to address the challenges that IoT poses due to their ability to leverage their experience integrating legacy systems into end-to-end solutions, their knowledge of the IoT landscape and players in the market, and their existing relationships with enterprises and end-users. Most enterprises today are relying on system integrators to play the leading role in implementing their IoT solutions and in guiding their digital transformation. System integrators are skilled at creating end-to-end solutions from multiple components from multiple vendors. At its core, the IoT is a complex system of systems. The complexity of implementing these solutions is a key concern for enterprises, and system integrators help them to navigate a highly-fragmented ecosystem of IoT vendors and component technologies.


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Analyzing Vodafone's Foray into Consumer Internet of Things in Europe—Poor User Experience Will Be Just One of the Challenges

4Q 2017

On November 7, 2017, Vodafone launched its consumer Internet of things (IoT) service ‘V by Vodafone.' The platform and products are currently available in the U.K., Spain, Germany, and Italy.

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IoT Market Tracker Update 2017

ABI Research’s IoT Market Tracker provides a single unified view of the IoT market for both connected things and end-to-end solution revenues across 31 of the most relevant application segments for 18 countries/regions both today and in the future. In this webinar, ABI will present results of the latest update to the IoT Market Tracker which includes new forecasts out to 2026 and for 5G technologies. Relevant findings presented will include:

  • The application segments driving the most connections and revenues
  • The outlook for LPWA and 5G connections and its impact on 2G, 3G and 4G technologies
  • Application segments driving the most adoption for LPWA by 2021 compared to 2026
  • Revenue segment analysis for IoT Platforms, analytics and professional services
  • Regional insights for connections and revenues by application segment