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ABI Research’s AR & mixed reality coverage examines enterprise end applications, services and platforms. We strive to identify, understand, and quantify the technologies, business models, and ecosystem components driving adoption. Central to this is a market purview that goes beyond AR/MR hardware to capture software and service opportunities–in terms of both revenues and, ideally, cost savings– for a cohesive view of the supplier market.


Augmented and Virtual Reality Devices and Enterprise Verticals

1Q 2017 | MD-ARVR-103 | Updated Semiannually

This research contains data on the augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) markets. For AR, smart glasses are the primary device type tracked, segmented between binocular (two displays) and monocular (one display) form factors; VR HMDs tracked include tethered, standalone, and mobile-reliant devices. This data includes shipments, install base, device revenues, and value chain revenues for both markets, segmented both by vertical and by region. For AR, verticals include Healthcare, Energy, Manufacturing, Logistics, Education, Media and Entertainment, Government and Military, Retail and Marketing, Transportation, Tourism, Insurance, Sports and Fitness, and Other. For VR, verticals include Education, Gaming, Enterprise, Video, Retail ...

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An Apple-Shaped Gap in Augmented Reality

1Q 2017 | IN-4451

Apple’s semi-official silence regarding AR and VR is occasionally interrupted by forward-looking, yet indiscriminate statements; the company’s strengths in design and marketing are lacking among current AR competitors.

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