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ABI Research’s AR & mixed reality coverage examines enterprise end applications, services and platforms. We strive to identify, understand, and quantify the technologies, business models, and ecosystem components driving adoption. Central to this is a market purview that goes beyond AR/MR hardware to capture software and service opportunities–in terms of both revenues and, ideally, cost savings– for a cohesive view of the supplier market.

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Content Creation and Application Marketplaces - Augmented and Mixed Reality

This research looks at the complex but maturing content creation and application ecosystem for the augmented and mixed reality markets. Examples of use cases, business models, hardware differences, and company highlights are given to accurately portray current activity in the space, along with high level revenue projections for content-related value chain segments pulled from ABI Research’s Augmented and Mixed Reality Devices and Enterprise Verticals. Framing the content market in this way can help in understanding both the current and future opportunities and barriers in the industry and how these opportunities and barriers can variably affect AR/MR content creators and customers.


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Amazon New App is Leveraging Apple’s Technology to Boost Revenue

4Q 2017

On November 1, 2017, Amazon announced an augmented reality option for its mobile app called “AR view”, which allows users to preview online products within their current environment, such as a home or business. The feature uses the mobile device’s camera and display to show a 3D rendering of products within their space. The customers can move the products around within the camera’s field of view, manipulate it, and get a general idea of what something might look like in their own environment.

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Mixed Reality: What it Means to the Enterprise Market

Augmented Reality (AR) is beginning to cement a place in the technology ecosystem, but Mixed Reality (MR) has yet to see a notable level of understanding, interest, and implementation. This webinar will outline the differences between MR and the other “X” reality markets—augmented, merged, and virtual—and what these differences mean regarding use cases and opportunities surrounding mixed reality in the space.