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Industrial Augmented and Mixed Reality Market Data


Actionable Benefits

  • Decide on highest potential ROI implementations through broad and deep quantitative knowledge of industrial segments of the augmented and mixed reality market value chain.
  • Optimize an optimal implementation strategy with the right device type, use case, and/or vertical to target.
  • Prepare for obstacles before and after implementation with an informed roadmap, factoring in present day and forward-looking impactful trends and how that impact shapes quantitative elements of the market.

Critical Questions Answered

  • What is the size of the industrial augmented and mixed reality market today and in the future?
  • How does this size differ by vertical, device type, region, and value chain segment?
  • What are the driving trends of these differences and how do they permeate throughout the industrial ecosystem?
  • What are some of the most widely used use cases in industrial implementations today, and how do these change going forward?

Research Highlights

  • Interactive dashboards for smart glasses shipments and average sale prices, as well as for total industrial augmented and mixed reality value chain revenues.
  • Pivot tables and raw data included for all data points to allow for user manipulation and analysis.
  • Granular and exhaustive definitions section to clearly understand segmentation and differentiation used within the database as well as the wider market.
  • Vertical by vertical segmentation of the market including sub-segmentation by region, form factor (monocular versus binocular), device type (augmented versus mixed reality), value chain segment, and use cases.

Who Should Read This?

  • Decision makers for those actively implementing augmented reality in industrial segments, or looking to in the future.
  • Product managers wanting quantitative backup for AR/MR device, partnership, or implementation roadmaps.
  • Innovation leaders invested in the overall digitization space wanting to understand inter and intra-market AR/MR dynamics.

Table of Contents

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