Augmented Reality Applications in Retail and Marketing

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Publish Date: 16 Dec 2020
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Augmented Reality Applications in Retail and Marketing
Actionable Benefits

Actionable Benefits

  • Identify AR killer applications, current and future trends that shape retail, e-commerce and marketing industry.
  • Target key opportunities in order to develop efficient roadmaps and understand challenges to minimize risk.
  • Identify key AR vendors and retailers that have successfully developed and adopted AR tools.
  • Understand the impacts of COVID-19 in consumer behavior.
Critical Questions Answered

Critical Questions Answered

  • Which is the size of AR market in retail, commerce and marketing?
  • Which is the role of AR smart glasses in retail applications?
  • Which are the most promising AR applications for retail industry?
  • How AR tools can accelerate digital transformation in retail industry?
  • Which are the major AR platform providers for Retail use cases?
  • How is COVID-19 affecting AR retail, commerce and marketing market?
Research Highlights

Research Highlights

  • AR applications and product categories that promise growth and positive ROI.
  • Strategic recommendations and best practices to successfully develop AR solutions for retail market.
  • Business benefits when adopting AR solutions.
  • Challenges and barriers that affect AR retail/marketing market.
Who Should Read This?

Who Should Read This?

  • Business that plan to introduce AR tools in their marketing/e-commerce strategy.
  • AR providers that offer solutions for retail market or plan to expand.
  • Decision makers that are looking to understand AR retail landscape.

Table of Contents


Key Takeaways

Market Data

Revenue by Value Chain
By Segment
Growth per Product Category

Market Guidance for AR Applications in Retail, E-commerce, and Marketing


AR Applications for Retail, E-commerce, and Marketing

AR Virtual Try-On
AR Product Preview
AR Visual Search
AR for Packing
AR Indoor Navigation

Metrics and Key Performance Indicators

AR Experiences