AR Market Update: Current State and Future of Augmented and Mixed Reality

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Publish Date: 07 Dec 2018
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Pages: 16
AR Market Update: Current State and Future of Augmented and Mixed Reality

There are a number of trends to watch in the augmented and mixed reality ecosystem, many of which are increasing in importance and impact. Content creation tools, such as the ubiquitous Unity platform, and how these tools are supporting AR, is incredibly important to understand; mature and properly supported creation tools allow a market to scale and realize full use case potential. Speaking of use cases, the dynamics surrounding the most popular use cases—remote expertise and training—can differ in implementation requirements  content use, cost, and ultimately return depending on the vertical or company involved. Questions around hardware efficacy remain as well, especially between mobile device AR and head-worn based AR devices like HoloLens or Magic Leap One; even within one category of hardware differences remain, and thus cost/content/implementation again varies. Realistic timelines for advanced connectivity technologies entering the AR/MR market are being figured out, along with the potential value and impact to particular use cases and verticals.

This report presents the newest ABI Research quantitative and qualitative data around these topics to present a well-rounded, end to end market update. This includes the total number of hardware shipments and value chain revenues per vertical until 2023, including binocular and monocular smart glasses hardware, enterprise and consumer software and content, connectivity, and platforms revenue, among other areas. Further qualitative information regarding 6 to 24 month opportunities, recommendations, and current threats in the market are included to guide and inform conversation for the current market and through the next 5 years. This includes the impact of mobile device augmented reality along with the dynamics between mobile and head-worn, adoption trends across markets and verticals, use case proliferation and active users per use case, and the impact of new connectivity technologies such as 5G on all of these areas. Also included are company profiles and case studies that are worthy of attention, either due to ongoing impact to the market or upcoming potential.

Table of Contents

  • Augmented Reality Market Update: Device Shipments
  • Augmented Reality Market Update: Value Chain
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Augmented Reality Opportunities
  • Augmented Reality Disruptive Threats
  • Unity Technologies
  • Amazon Sumerian: AWS
  • Atheer
  • Magic Leap
  • Use Case: Employee Training and Performance
  • Training in a Portfolio
  • Public Safety
  • Augmented Reality Market Guidance