Augmented Reality in Energy and Utilities

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Publish Date: 10 Jan 2018
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 Augmented Reality in Energy and Utilities
This report highlights Augmented Reality (AR) technology in the Energy and Utility sector. It quantifies the AR market revenues and device shipments while also examining the use cases across the industry. AR enables technicians to view real-time information, access complete documentation, and receive instructions from a remote expert while on the job-site. This also alleviates a shortage of skilled workers to some extent. While keeping both hands free for the repairs, field workers can visually see the positions of facilities and complex components, which reduces accidents or utility breakdown.
This report examines the full benefits as well as the key features of hardware that are required to be addressed as well as content and platform development. Both hardware and software companies who have been successful introducing AR to energy & utilities are introduced in the research. The proven efficiency increase in industries with AR entices more organizations and enterprises to transfer these to energy and utilities. Functional requirement guidelines, IoT technology, aging skilled workers, lower costs of smart glasses, universal platform, and more content will drive the adoption of AR technology. However, barriers are also there, such as regulatory requirements, safety and health concerns, wireless connections, cultural aspects, operation management, security, and integration with existing infrastructure.  Furthermore, drones/robots might replace AR-powered workers for unmanned inspection, location, repairs, etc. 

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • AR Definition
  • Benefits and Key Trends
  • Market Data Update
  • Value Chain in Energy and Utilities
  • AR in Energy and Utilities: Market Adoption and Forecast
  • Use Cases in Energy and Utilities
  • Hardware and Software Development in Energy and Utilities
  • Drivers and Barriers
  • Threats and Obstacles 

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