Transformational Technology Summit: The Horizontal AR Market Image

Transformational Technology Summit: The Horizontal AR Market

Actionable Benefits

  • Recognize what trends in the AR market are creating more horizontal, rather than siloed, opportunities and business models.
  • Understand the impact of this movement on different components of the ecosystem, including hardware, platforms, content, enabling technologies, and go to markets.
  • Identify the need to know items of the market transition, including TAM, current solutions, potential variables, and challenges.

Critical Questions Answered

  • Who are the primary players in the AR market today, and where do they sit within the horizontal ecosystem?
  • What are the impacts of this broader market?
  • What technologies are enabling this horizontal movement?
  • What is the size of the AR market, and what is the makeup within that in terms of siloed vs. horizontal solutions, types of hardware, and implementation dynamics?

Research Highlights

  • Insight into both qualitative and quantitative impact of the AR market broadening, including changes to business models and value chain structure .
  • Analysis and mapping of AR value chain, major players, M&A trends, and target use cases.
  • Concrete return on investment examples for prolific use cases.

Who Should Watch This?

  • Decision makers for those actively implementing augmented reality or looking to in the future.
  • Product managers wanting quantitative backup for AR/MR device, partnership, or implementation roadmaps.
  • Innovation leaders invested in the overall AR market wanting to understand inter and intra-market AR/MR dynamics.