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As the retail environment becomes increasingly connected, ABI Research provides a holistic view of the overall ecosystem while striving to be the first to identify next-generation technologies and vendors shaping the future of retail. Our research examines new technological developments in this space including customer analytics and engagement, advertising, inventory management, fulfillment and delivery, employee efficiencies, indoor location technologies, POS, and the impact of the cloud.

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Lowe's Is Trialing Unpowered Exoskeletons for Manual Lifting Tasks at Its Retail Stores

2Q 2017 | IN-4591

Home improvement giant Lowe’s is field-testing unpowered exoskeletons designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of its workers as they unload trucks, move goods onto the sale floor and assist customers with heavy items. The market opportunity for other commercial/industrial exoskeletons is massive and virtually untapped.

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