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As the retail environment becomes increasingly connected, ABI Research provides a holistic view of the overall ecosystem while striving to be the first to identify next-generation technologies and vendors shaping the future of retail. Our research examines new technological developments in this space including customer analytics and engagement, advertising, inventory management, fulfillment and delivery, employee efficiencies, indoor location technologies, POS, and the impact of the cloud.

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Webinar: Industry Survey - Transformative Technology Adoption and Attitudes

In March and April 2017, ABI Research surveyed 455 U.S.-based key decision makers and influencers from nine different industry verticals about their attitude and adoption of key transformative technologies. This survey provides significant insight into the technologies and processes that companies are prioritizing in the drive toward increased digitization. The pressures arising from OT/IT convergence are clear and evident through the results, and insight on the next steps regarding key market messaging are abundant.


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NB-IoT Enabled Smart Meter & Smart Parking Solutions Shaping Smart Cities Part 2

3Q 2017

In Germany, Deutsche Telekom (DT), Huawei and U-blox launched trials on Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) based smart parking utilizing NB-IoT enabled modules from U-blox at DT’s campus located in Bonn. An ultrasonic sensor was deployed on each parking space to detect availability of a parking space. The information collected by each sensor will be transmitted via a network gateway utilizing an LPWAN connection to a server in the cloud, and notify drivers of available parking space via a smartphone app. Additionally, Huawei conducted a software upgrade on DT’s existing base stations to support NB-IoT.

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