Seven Critical Technology Developments Driving Supply Chain Transformation

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Publish Date: 09 Jan 2019
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Pages: 53
Seven Critical Technology Developments Driving Supply Chain Transformation

With supply chains becoming increasingly global, complex, and competitive, the role of technology is only set to become more pivotal as companies look to drive efficiency, visibility, and intelligence throughout their global operations. Companies therefore, need help to understand the role of transformative technologies and how they will impact the supply chain now and in the future.

To help companies navigate the complex technology ecosystem, this report provides a high level overview of the primary use cases and market drivers for seven key technologies being used to transform global supply chains. These technologies are Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, blockchain, Augmented Reality (AR), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), autonomous vehicles, and location and asset tracking technologies.

By breaking down the most impactful commercial and technological trends, this report will help supply chain operators, service providers, and technology vendors to understand the wider context and implications of each transformative technology and how they will affect the market over the next five years and beyond. The report also contains market data which forecasts the total revenue generated in the supply chain, broken down by technologies, services, and sector.