Transformational Technology Summit: the End-To-End Vaccine Supply Chain Image

Transformational Technology Summit: the End-To-End Vaccine Supply Chain

Actionable Benefits

  • Determine best practices for enabling and enhancing the global vaccine supply chain.
  • Assess if your supply chain has fully addressed all the logistical challenges to participate effectively.
  • Comprehend the changes to the COVID-19 vaccine development process for future vaccine development models.   

Critical Questions Answered

  • Who is working on digital passports and what are the considerations for deployment?
  • What are the current vaccine temperature requirements ETE by manufacturer?
  • What manufacturing technologies are needed to advance and optimize future development and production?

Research Highlights

  • Five-year cold chain for pharma forecast, with regional insights.
  • Under-called reverse logistics that impact profitability, timelines and regulatory compliance.
  • Mapping of all major global vaccines in production and development, with status.

Who Should Watch This?

  • Global and/or national supply chain executives that are providing vaccine services, products and/or resources.
  • Pharmaceutical providers of physical and/or digital security.
  • Pharma reverse logistics providers seeking high growth opportunities.