Smart Vending Trends and Market Opportunities

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Publish Date: 28 Aug 2018
Code: AN-4925
Research Type: Research Report
Pages: 32
Smart Vending Trends and Market Opportunities

Automated retail has been gaining considerable attention from market professionals and consumers as the trend towards frictionless physical shopping experiences continues to progress forward. In an omnichannel context, customer-centricity is becoming the top priority as retailers and brands attempt to attract and retain more customers. Offering customers a frictionless, convenient alternative to saturated e-commerce and brick and mortar channels will make smart vending an attractive additional outlet for selling goods direct to the consumer.

This report explores how the digital transformation of traditional vending markets and the emergence of new automated retail models are providing value for retailers, brands, operators, and the customers they serve. Analysis covers core technologies and their use cases, the drivers and barriers affecting adoption, market growth forecasts, and some key players driving these changes.

In addition, the report provides vendor profiles of the players actively involved in the smart vending market, such as: Achan Retail, Deepblue Technology, Deepmagic, Gump Come, Intel, Invenda Solutions, Nayax, Sierra Wireless, Silkron, and Swyft.