Hot Tech Innovators: Commercial Vehicle Electrification

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Publish Date: 26 Feb 2018
Code: PT-1873
Research Type: Presentation
Pages: 21
Hot Tech Innovators:  Commercial Vehicle Electrification

A  global, focused look at battery electric commercial vehciles with some hydrogen options.  Innovation across the value chain from manufacturers (OEMs), integrators and key suppliers.  Use cases from local delivery to long haul and from industrial to people movers.  Scoped to on-road vehicles with production capabilities over the next 3-5 years.  Charging stations and battery technology covered in a separate report.

Companies  covered include:  Arrival, BorgWarner, BYD, Caocao Zhuanche, Chanje, Cummins, Daimler, Navistar-Volkswagen Alliance, Nikola Motor Company, Proterra, SEA Electric, Tesla, Thor Trucks, Volvo Trucks and the Workhorse Group.

Material includes a look at vertical coverage and overviews by company, defining innovations, competitive assessments and threats as well as near term expectations.