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Actionable Benefits

  • Prepare for post-crisis investment with an understanding the key technology developments in the supply chain; from robotics to management software.
  • Get key quantitative forecasts on the future of e-commerce and mobile robot adoption. Use this to gauge what level of  investment is suitable.
  • Get a granular understanding of the technology behind mobile robotics for material handling; from different navigation techniques, sensors and charging solutions, to key vendors and fleet sizes. Use this knowledge to develop adaptable solutions that can be tailored to a wider range of clients and environments.

Critical Questions Answered

  • How is the global  supply chain dealing with COVID-19? What are the projections for 2020?
  • What are the key market and technology trends when it comes to robotics and management software?
  • Who are the key players in the warehouse management space, in third-party logistics, and who is driving mobile robot adoption?

Research Highlights

  • Understanding the key decisions retailers are making in the wake of COVID-19.
  • Data for Mobile Robot Shipments, and breakdown of global revenues for E-Commerce and Brick & Mortar forecasted up to 2030.
  • Breakdown of sensors, navigation solutions and charging solutions for mobile robotics.

Who Should Read This?

  • Retailers, etailers and grocers.
  • Third-party logistics companies and system integrators.
  • Robotics companies and technology vendors.

Table of Contents

The Supply Chain

Supply-Chain Management

AGV Technology

Outlook and Recommendations