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Blue Yonder provides supply chain management solutions from digital transformations to omni-channel commerce fulfillment. Its platform enables fully autonomous distribution networks, using Artificial Intelligence (AI)- and Machine Learning (ML)-based suggestions.

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Blue Yonder was the overall leader in ABI Research's Supply Chain Visibility Solution Providers rankings. The company has a very strong portfolio for providing E2E visibility, leveraging both in-house visibility tools and partners, spanning edge, middleware, and applications. It also makes strong use of ML and AI to generate insights and execute autonomously based on those insights. Blue Yonder’s visibility offering is not a horizontal plug-and-play model. However, from the perspective of a customer wanting E2E, granular, and network-wide supply chain visibility that goes beyond purely track & trace capabilities, Blue Yonder addresses the widest range of use cases.

Blue Yonder offers an E2E supply chain solution for digitizing operations both in facilities (Distribution Center, manufacturer, retailer, etc.) and in transit. The company differentiates itself by offering a suite of execution capabilities through its WMS and TMS functions, and aggregating all of this information into a single pane control tower view (Luminate). This allows the company to join together different pieces of the supply chain to enable better collaboration and planning, such as understanding when a WMS task will be finished, and how this impacts planning within the TMS.

Blue Yonder ranks as a leader in yard management systems by pioneering the use of Machine Vision (MV) technology for both gate automation and asset tracking, using expertise as an established provider of supply chain planning and execution systems, alongside the MV capabilities introduced after its Panasonic acquisition in 2021.

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