Demand Planning and Optimization in the Supply Chain

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Publish Date: 25 Jan 2019
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Demand Planning and Optimization in the Supply Chain

The increase in scale and complexity of the supply chain has created a market in which traditional demand planning practices are no longer capable of responding to market conditions and maximizing profitability across the enterprise as a whole. The proliferation of complex and varied data now requires supply chains across all verticals to adopt a more sophisticated approach to demand forecasting and business planning. With the development of powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics capabilities by a wide pool of software vendors, supply chains now have the tools required to more reliably interpret demand from a vast number of incredibly complex indicators and execute more intelligent and connected strategies driven by this demand. These technical developments are a catalyst for supply chain transformation as enterprises improve their ability to capitalize on complex changes in the market and become more demand-driven in their approach to supply chain planning.

This report highlights the growing capabilities of demand planning and optimization solutions, their impact on the supply chain, and provides market sizing broken down by region and industry vertical.


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