Connected Services for Electric Vehicles

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Publish Date: 07 Apr 2020
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Connected Services for Electric Vehicles
Actionable Benefits

Actionable Benefits

  • Companies can use the connected services importance index for consumer and commercial EVs to identify how to best approach offerings for the two verticals.
  • Established players can identify areas that require improvements by visualizing offerings from competitors whereas new players can identify gaps in current offerings in order to outplay established vendors.
  • The comprehensive portrayal of connected services developed explicitly for EVs can be used for companies to augment their connected services portfolio.
Critical Questions Answered

Critical Questions Answered

  • What are the most critical connected services for passenger and commercial EVs?
  • When will subscriptions of connected services for EVs gain traction, and what is the revenue opportunity for the next ten years?
  • What connected services can decrease range anxiety and improve EVs performance?
Research Highlights

Research Highlights

  • Assessment of how connectivity can increase EVs adoption in the consumer and commercial vehicle verticals.
  • Suggested use or existing connected services developed for ICE vehicles that can deliver greater value to EVs and consequently find higher adoption among EV drivers and EV fleet managers.
  • Forecasts and comparisons of connected services subscriptions and revenue opportunity for the consumer and commercial EV verticals within the next ten years.
Who Should Read This?

Who Should Read This?

  • Strategists at OEMs looking for services that could drive EV sales.
  • Planners within fleet management companies developing EV fleet deployment strategies.
  • Innovation leaders within location and charging station companies, utilities and software developers looking to enhance and expand their offerings.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

Industry Landscape

EV Definitions

PEV Models

Charging Station Connectivity

Charging Station Locator

Real-Time Charging Station Availability


Eco-Routing for EVs

Horizon Solutions



TomTom and Elektrobit


Nissan Leaf



Smart Energy Management and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)






EV Telematics


Mercedes PRO e-Vito

Connected Services for Commercial and Private EVs

Market Forecasts

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