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For over 2 decades, Canadian-headquartered Geotab has provided a global, scalable, secure, and reliable open telematics platform for fleet management. The company currently offers an agnostic, AI-driven platform for connected fleet management and focuses on transforming real-time data from any source, including video telematics and other third-party data, into actionable insights for measurable business value.

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Geotab was named the leader in ABI Research's Commercial Telematics Vendors competitive ranking. For the last 22 years, Canada-based Geotab has been providing scalable, secure, and reliable open platform telematics for fleet management and has achieved an average growth of around 20% YoY with 60% of subscribers being fleets with 500+ vehicles since 2019. Geotab solutions encompass both hardware and Software-as-aService (SaaS)-based offerings that deliver data to support actionable insights to make critical business decisions for safer, cleaner, and more efficient fleets. As an open platform, Geotab goes beyond traditional fleet telematics offerings with the Geotab Marketplace—an ecosystem of 256 fleet-focused solutions with more than 100 partners that help extend the power of Geotab for end fleets.

As a Top Implementer in ABI Research's Commercial Telematics Vendors competitive ranking, Geotab has expanded connections through OEMs. In October 2021, Geotab announced a partnership with GM Fleet and OnStar Business Solutions to provide an in-vehicle coaching service available through the existing Geotab Integrated Solution for GM. The partnership will provide a Driver Feedback service, offering real-time spoken alerts to keep drivers concentrated on the road, promote good driving habits, and improve fleet safety. Integration with Mack trucks, Volvo trucks and Ford vehicles also offers electronic logging device (ELD) application, Geotab Drive. The Geotab Drive application helps to fulfil the ELD mandate for driver compliance in the US and Canada region. Geotab also has new integrations with Ford and Stellantis to bring Geotab’s Integrated Solution to vehicles from these OEMs, in partnership with Free2move.

Geotab was named the Overall Leader in ABI Research's Commercial Video Telematics competitive ranking. Geotab delivers comprehensive video telematics offerings and unmatched integration capabilities. Geotab’s Marketplace includes more than 25 video telematics solutions, including 5 of the top 10 global video telematics solutions.

Geotab is a Top Implementer of Commercial Video Telematics. Geotab;s solution has a growing order book, with account growth for cameras having grown by over 93%. Its telco channel is one of its fastest-growing channels. It partners with leading, world-class camera vendors that are part of its Marketplace ecosystem, which has contributed to its adoption. Geotab has more than 700 partners globally with the ability to sell video telematics and camera solutions to their customers. These partnerships include value-added resellers, carrier partners, Fleet Management Companies (FMCs), and strategic partners such as Deloitte, Google, and others.

Geotab delivers comprehensive video telematics offerings and unmatched integration capabilities, earning the distinction of Top Innovator in our competitive ranking. The system is compatible with a wide range of cameras that can not only fulfill a number of use cases, but also generate actionable insights for workflow automation via the MyGeotab platform.

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