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Lytx is a California-based technology company that designs, manufactures, and sells video safety and video telematics products used by commercial and public-sector fleets to help improve driver safety and business productivity. Its customizable services and programs span video safety, fleet tracking, Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR), ELD, and asset tracking.

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Lytx was named a Leader in ABI Research's Commercial Video Telematics competitive ranking. Lytx’s biggest area of strength is its proven success and focus on driver safety. Its driver safety program is a configurable solution using MV+AI, alerting, event review, and prescriptive coaching workflows, including options for face-to-face, remote, and self-coaching. Lytx’s MV+AI enables Lytx to detect when a risky driving behavior has occurred and to capture video of those events. Instances of seatbelt, cell phone usage, food and drink, smoking, and general distractions are all identified using AI.

Lytx really stands out as a Top Innovator in the Commercial Video Telematics market. Using Lytx’s solutions, fleet managers can start deriving insights immediately. Lytx's intuitive, clean interface is optimized to quickly deliver key insights and facilitate action. In addition, Lytx offers comprehensive training and onboarding resources. For resellers, Lytx also recently released its reusable UI components to help technology partners reduce time to market and accelerate digital transformation by integrating pre-made UI components into their offerings.

As a Top Implementer of Commercial Video Telematics, Lytx is the market leader when it comes to global subscribership. With nearly 1 million vehicles under subscription and more than 5,000 fleets, Lytx occupies a majority of the North American video telematics market for large fleets. When it comes to the accessibility of the solution, Lytx’s video safety and video telematics solutions are available via the cloud.

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