Automotive Safety and Autonomous Driving

Autonomous vehicle technology is actively being developed and tested both inside and outside the automotive industry and is expected to have profound impact on the ecosystem as well as bring unseen benefits of safety, traffic flow and efficiency. It will also benefit the wider society and economy as driverless vehicles will enable the car as a service concept, revolutionize the very concept of car ownership, the driving experience, and the transportation of goods.

This service offers a unique and holistic perspective on the entire automotive safety challenge covering the 4 phases of the automotive roadmap:

  • Phase 1 – Passive Safety – Traditional telematics services (eCall, bCall, SVT, remote diagnostics, and UBI) and cybersecurity protection
  • Phase 2 – Active Safety – ADAS features for obstacle detection and collision avoidance based on Radar, camera, and sonar sensors
  • Phase 3 – Cooperative Safety – Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure applications based on DSRC, LTE and other technologies
  • Phase 4 – Autonomous Vehicles – The final step for realizing the end goal of a zero accident environment aggregating cellular, V2X, and ADAS technologies


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