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Mobileye, a subsidiary of Intel, is a company developing autonomous driving and advanced driver-assistance technologies. Mobileye provides advances in image sensing and processing technology that use AI algorithms.

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Mobileye was assessed as the Overall Leader in ABI Research's Autonomous Vehicle Platforms competitive ranking. The company played a pioneering role in the active safety ADAS market, leveraging its market-leading machine vision capabilities to enable the widespread proliferation of life-saving applications into passenger and commercial vehicles. In recent years, Mobileye has looked to build on its leading position in the active safety ADAS market to create a market-leading AV platform, developing new SoCs, sensor hardware, safety frameworks, redundancy approaches, and tools and services to support automaker and MaaS customers alike.

Mobileye ranked as a Top Implementer in the Autonomous Vehicle Platforms competitive ranking, receiving high scores for its OEM customers. These OEM customers are either high-volume customers or associated with brands that ship in high volumes, giving Mobileye the opportunity to expand into higher volumes in the future. Mobileye has extensive geographic reach, testing AVs in Israel, Detroit, New York, Miami, Paris, Munich, Stuttgart, Tokyo, Ningbo, and Shanghai, and having existing OEM customers in the key AV markets of the United States, Western Europe, and China. Finally, Mobileye excels in time-to-market.

As a Top Innovator in the Autonomous Vehicle Platforms competitive ranking, Mobileye has pivoted toward a more open approach in recognition of the prevailing customer preference to own and shape the more highly anticipated AV experiences that will define the future of its brands. Mobileye's strengths include the completeness of its platform due to its scalable range of EyeQ processors, comprehensive software stack, High-Definition/imaging radar, and FrequencyModulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) on chip solutions.

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