Transformative Connected Car Services Built on Data Crowdsourcing

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Publish Date: 14 May 2018
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Transformative Connected Car Services Built on Data Crowdsourcing
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The role of connectivity in the car is reaching an inflection point. In the past, connected car applications were confined to telematics and infotainment functions, keeping the driver safe, secure, informed, and entertained with services that were largely superficial, or which were intended to emulate typical digital experiences (from smartphones in particular) in a way that was safe on the move. In the future smart mobility context, connectivity will play a mission-critical role; enabling driverless operation, fleet management, and remote diagnostics/predictive maintenance.

A key intermediate step is the sensor data crowdsourcing paradigm, leveraging the experience of connected cars on the road to deliver new and improved services that will finally start to “move the needle” in terms of the personal mobility experience. This involves the aggregation, cleansing, normalization, and enrichment of datasets generated by sensors embedded in connected cars deployed on the road; leveraging the experience of the “crowd” to improve legacy services and enable new services related to autonomous driving and smart mobility.

This report will examine the supporting technologies and market dynamics which will drive the sensor data crowdsourcing paradigm as well as the transformative services and applications built on these sensor data payloads. Strategic recommendations are given for OEMs and other data producers, application developers/service providers and sensor ingestion platforms/data marketplaces.

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